Cleverly Designed Coat Racks That Are Miniature Bamboo Versions of San Francisco’s Sutro Tower

San Francisco design duo Stephanie Jordan and Timothy Seward have conceived a very clever line of handy coat racks that are miniature bamboo versions of the famous three-pronged Sutro Tower, high in the hills of San Francisco, California. Jordan and Seward are currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the rack to market and plan for the rack to come in a variety of powder coat and finish options, along with an optional shelf system.

Finally, a place to put all your layers. From coats, to hoodies, to scarves, to bags, and umbrellas, this rack can hold it all. Our love of Sutro Tower’s minimal lines inspired us to create a beautiful art piece that also functions to declutter your environment. Drawing from Sutro Tower’s actual architecture we designed a highly stable yet elegant form that serves as a backbone for a modular storage rack system. …Bamboo is naturally strong and sustainable, and our design continues to impress us with its incredible stability. We tested the rack for strength, and it easily held 35 pounds of weight on a single leg without tipping. You can hang scarves, bags, umbrellas, hats, and even motorcycle helmets from the legs with ease.

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Sutro Rack




images via Sutro Tower Coat Rack

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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