Clever Octopus Makes a Daring Aquarium Escape Through a Drainpipe Leading to the Ocean

A very clever male octopus named Inky made a daring escape from the National Aquarium of New Zealand through a small opening in his enclosure, which led to a drainpipe that led directly to the ocean. Aquarium manager Rob Yarrow told Stuff New Zealand that while they applauded Inky’s ingenuity, they were sad to see him go.

Since his disappearance aquarium staff have missed Inky, who was popular with staff and visitors, but they were pleased to see him return to the ocean.

When the rescued octopus arrived at the aquarium in 2014, the Napier City Council held a naming contest. A semi-retired diver named Gerry Townsend came up with the winning moniker Inky.

It seemed like a good name, a reflection of one of his protective mechanisms, squirting ink when he feels he’s in danger.

The contest announcement in 2014.