Western Australia City Uses Highly Effective Trash Nets to Capture Debris Coming Through Drainage System

The City of Kwinana, just outside of Perth, Western Australia, has reaped the reward of a very simple, yet highly effective solution of using trash nets that removed all sorts of debris from the city’s drainage system before harming nearby nature reserves. These specialized trash nets were relatively inexpensive to design, create and install and the city also saved money in a number of other areas.

… by installing two drainage nets in March 2018 which have since collected 370kg of debris. …The nets cost the City just under $20,000 which included the cost of design, manufacture, installation and associated civil works for the two units and are expected to realise considerable cost savings in labour intensive work previously required to collect the rubbish scattered around the reserve by hand. This efficiency means the return on capital investment will be realised in the short term as well as cleaner reserves, higher efficiency and improved safety outcomes.