Entire Holiday Dinners Layered In Cans For Vegetarian, Vegan and Carnivore Gamers Who Can’t Stop Playing

Vegetarian Christmas Tinner

In 2013, we wrote about the Christmas Tinner by GAME, an entire holiday dinner layered inside a can for those gamers who don’t want to take a break from playing, even to celebrate the holiday.

In 2019, the company introduced both a vegetarian and vegan option for gamers who don’t eat meat.

The ‘Christmas Tinner’ is back – a 3-course meal in a tin for those hardcore gamers that don’t want to leave their gaming chair on Christmas day. And due to popular demand, alternative options are now available for Vegan and Vegetarian gamers too.

The vegetarian Christmas Tinner has a bit of dairy in its ingredients:

Layer 1 – Nut roast
Layer 2 – Mushroom Wellington
Layer 3 – Sprouts
Layer 4 – Toblerone
Layer 5 – Roast Parsnips
Layer 6 – Halloumi pigs and tempeh bacon
Layer 7 – Cauliflower Cheese
Layer 8 – Yule Log
Layer 9 – Veggie Gravy
Layer 10 – Gingerbread Pancakes
Layer 11 – Cranberry Sauce
Layer 12 – Potatoes

Vegan Christmas Tinner

The vegan Christmas Tinner has no animal products at all:

Scrambled tofu & tempeh bacon
Layer 2 – Vegan cheese, olives, and grapes
Layer 3 – Vegan Mushroom Wellington
Layer 4 – Vegan gravy
Layer 5 – Vegan Bread Sauce
Layer 6 – Vegan pigs in aubergine blankets
Layer 7 – Brussel Sprouts & Vegan Stuffing or Broccoli & Vegan Stuffing
Layer 8 – Roasted Butternut Squash, Parsnips & Carrots
Layer 9 – Spiced Red Cabbage
Layer 10 – Vegan Custard
Layer 11 – Vegan Chocolate Cake

Meat Christmas Tinner

And the original Christmas Tinner remains the same as in years past.

Layer 1 – Scrambled Egg & Bacon
Layer 2 – Two Mince Pies
Layer 3 – Turkey & Potatoes
Layer 4 – Gravy
Layer 5 – Bread Sauce
Layer 6 – Cranberry Sauce
Layer 7 – Brussel sprouts with stuffing or broccoli with stuffing
Layer 8 – Roast carrots and parsnips
Layer 9 – Christmas Pudding

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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