Chris Pine Plays a Very Badly Behaving Employee Who Always Gets His Way in Hilarious Voting Ad

In the funny Joss Whedon-directed “Save the Day” ad appropriately entitled “If Congress was your co-worker“, actor Chris Pine hilariously portrays a truly obnoxious, badly behaving employee named Leonard who is prone to tantrums, impedes progress in every way possible and even shuts down the business for a month, but makes sure he still gets paid. Leonard confidently continued his reign of terror over his co-workers until they finally got together to vote him out.

Why do we put up with these people? Find out where and how to vote at Save The Day Starring Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, J. August Richards Jillian Morgese, Romy Rosemont, Josh Zar, Zac Oyama, and David Fury.