Chris Gore Turns to Crowdfunding to Relaunch the Pioneering Cinematic Website ‘Film Threat’

Chris Gore, the founder, CEO and publisher of the truly pioneering but now defunct, cinematic website Film Threat, is currently raising funds through Kickstarter. His goal is to relaunch the site and revive it role in history as a valuable resource for independent film.

…when the Film Threat website launched in 1996, that tradition of championing independents continued. became one of the most respected sources online covering indie film, while also giving the middle finger to Hollywood. (But in a fun way.)Film Threat was also partially funded by my personal finances and I spent a significant amount each year to support the site. I believed very strongly in Film Threat’s mission to support up and coming indies. So while it is difficult for me to ask, I need your help to bring Film Threat back.This is a new golden age of indie film with social media, crowd-funding and affordable lo-fi filmmaking on the rise. More than ever, indie films need a place where they can be thrust into the spotlight and find a fan base. My commitment to you is that Film Threat will provide a unique voice and once again support a new generation of up and coming filmmakers.

Film Threat

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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