Children’s Imaginative Solutions to Perceived Problems Are Brought to Life by Makers Around the World

The British non-profit organization Little Inventors works with children by encouraging them to use their uninhibited imaginations address issues they would like to solve. No idea is too small or too big nor do the children have limits put onto them when working these solutions out. After the ideas are reviewed, the organization enlists makers, artists and inventors from all over the world to bring these inventions to life in the real world.

Asking a child to present their ideas to audiences can be equally off-putting. However, by blending whimsical yet problem-solving ideas of invention with the intimacy of drawing, the threshold for engagement is significantly lowered. From this basic inquiry, comes a fount of whimsy and creativity. The resulting doodles can be profound such as The Worry Destroyer which grinds worries into pulp, to silly creations like Space-amils to allow interplanet exploration by cats, to practical inventions such as The Untopple-able Water Bottle. Little Inventors then works with team engineers, designers, and artists, to bring some of the inventions to life and present them to wider audiences.

Our aim is to inspire and support children around the world to use their wonderful imaginations to think up ingenious, fantastical, funny or perfectly practical invention ideas with no limits! The children and the Little Inventors team work with experts and professionals to turn the most innovative ideas into real objects for amazing Little Inventor exhibitions.