Creative Child Contacts Father at Work Through Video Doorbell to Ask for Help Finding the Kids TV Channel

Child Contacts Dad Through Nest Video Camera Doorbell Kids Channel

A really cute and creative child called “Babie Gracie” was sent home alone with the instructions to watch the kids channel on television while mom was across the street. Not knowing how to find this specific channel, the child cleverly contacted the father at work through the Ring video doorbell to ask for some assistance. The amused father responded as best he could.

This smart kid knew exactly how to get a hold of dad when a very important matter needed to be solved.

The most adorable moment occurred when the father stated that it was on channel 25, the child responded, “I don’t know 25”. The problem was resolved when the father said to press the two and the five. Throughout the conversation, the child was hilariously making faces and giving the father kisses through the camera.

Thanks Chip Beale!