Chihuahua Puppy with Missing Front Legs Gets Around Using Handmade Wheelchair Made Out of Toy Parts

A feisty little chihuahua puppy named TurboRoo, who was born without his front legs, gets around with handmade wheels created from toy parts. When TurboRoo reaches six months old, he will be old enough to qualify for a specialty wheelchair for which the staff at The Downtown Veterinarian in Indianapolis, Indiana are are currently raising funds.

TurboRoo was only 4 weeks old when he was brought into a vet clinic in Indianapolis, IN! The breeder expressed concern because TurboRoo was born without his two front legs, the breeder knew that he would need more one on one attention and decided to surrender him! He has now been adopted by his foster parents! He will be able to be fitted for a wheelchair that is suited just for his size and needs at the age of 6 months old!