Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO Art

UFO Mothership Over O'Hare Airport

Saucer Over Chicago

O'Hare Airport UFO

These images were just sent to us by Chuck Cirino over at UFO ART in response to the recent sightings of UFO’s over O’Hare Airport. is one of the many side projects that Chuck works on in addition to Weird America and Weird TV.

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic you must agree that UFOs have become a major part of our planets cultural vibration. These photo real works are a result of my dreams and hopes that friendly extraterrestrials will contact us soon and bless Earth with their advanced knowledge and peaceful social sensibilities. When these lucid artworks are framed and hung on your favorite wall or workspace you may feel the same positive resonance I felt when creating them.

– Chuck Cirino

photo credit: UFO ART