Young Woman Takes Her Ailing Grandmother for a Ride Around Town in a Touching 2023 Chevrolet Holiday Ad

The very touching Chevrolet holiday ad for 2023 features a young woman who grabbed the keys to the family’s classic Chevy Suburban during their annual Christmas party and invited her grandmother to join her for a ride around town

Watch this heartwarming story about a woman’s holiday journey to gift her grandmother the memories from years past. All told from the front-seat of a classic Chevrolet Suburban.

The whole family was concerned about the grandmother’s unresponsiveness due to dementia from Alzheimer’s disease, yet as the pair rode around town, her memory of good times in the past started to return. The heartrending scene was beautifully accompanied by the classic John Denver song “Sunshine on My Shoulders”.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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