Chef Wears Raw Ingredients From His ‘MENU’ on His Face to Create a Series of Creepy Self-Portraits

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“MENU” is a scrumptious photography project, created by chef Robbie Postma of the J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam cafeteria and photographer Robert Harrison, where Robbie literally wears his menu right on his face creating a series of creepy self-portraits. Instead of showing off finished plates of food to bring patrons into the cafeteria, they visualized the raw, unprocessed ingredients right on the chef’s head. Robbie and Robert paid close attention to the fine details while creating each meal by hand without the use of digital manipulation.

When creating these images, Postma and Harrison stuck to the same principles and values a chef would when creating a menu: paying a lot of attention to the details, the composition, the preparation and of course the ingredients. From cutlery to coffee bean, every component is painstakingly prepared to produce the ultimate effect. And every grain of rice was added by hand, without the aid of digital manipulation. MENU is hand crafted. Just like the best food.

The whole project took a year to complete from start to finish and each image is the result of a lengthy process of research, testing of materials, preparation, art direction, planning and of course experimenting – most shots taking sometimes up to nine hours to prepare.



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