Clever 2023 Idents For UK’s Channel 4

The 2023 Idents (television network identification) for Channel 4 in the UK use the back edge of the number 4 to open fascinating portals that lets the viewer virtually peek inside to what holds in store for the future. Accompanying the video is a beautiful poem being read aloud. Filmmakers Lynsey Atkin and Michael Skrgatic explained how they wanted to put a modern spin on such a classic tradition.

This felt like a brilliant opportunity for art practice and love song to combine and and do something together we kind of approached art practice with a relatively loose brief around putting the four back at the heart portals and the idea that you know if you traveled where would you end up next.

Channel 4

They also looked to the beauty of the British landscape and the perspective of others for inspiration.

It’s a bit like that you turn a corner and there’s something completely different there the mountains the sea the brutal landscapes we have in the cities the bucolic countryside we are tiny Isles of lots of different elements …it actually became 17 makers contributing to this. Some of these people are photographers, some are directors and it felt that we struck on something that allowed everyone in.

They also wanted to drive home the creativity that the channel is known for.

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