The Challenges of Building Neuschwanstein, Bavarian King Ludwig II’s Fantastical Mountaintop Castle

The construction focused video series The B1M takes a look at Neuschwanstein, the fantastical mountaintop castle that King Ludwig II of Bavaria wanted to be built in his honor. The location was extremely challenging, as a road first had to be built before supplies could get up the mountain and the King kept making random design changes. The work was carefully performed due to the precarious nature of the location – the work started in 1868 and was finally completed in 1892. Unfortunately, Ludwig could barely enjoy his “New Swanstone Castle”, as he died in 1886 under mysterious circumstances.

The challenging site was compounded with ever more extravagant, changing designs from the King, coupled with impossible deadlines that often forced his architects and engineers to work round the clock. …The structure was topped out in January 1880 and Ludwig began living in the main palace from 1884 whilst the fit-out works continued. …Against Ludwig’s will, he was taken from Neuschwanstein in June 1886 and held at Berg Castle near Munich. He was found dead in Lake Starnberg alongside one of the psychiatrists the next day, never seeing his castle completed.