Elmo Urges Cersei and Tyrion From Game of Thrones to Get Along in Sesame Street’s ‘Respect is Coming’

During a rather contentious meeting between Game of Thrones siblings Cersei Lannister and Tyrion Lannister, an armored Elmo crossed the castle floor and poked his little red head above the surface of the great table separating the two. When he was sure he had their undivided attention, Elmo urged the squabbling sister and brother to get along and show one the respect they deserve. “Respect is coming”.

Respect brings us together, and if anyone can convince Game of Thrones’s Cersei and Tyrion to get along, a familiar furry red friend might just be the one.

This amusing skit is part of a larger, really wonderful Sesame Street and HBO campaign around respect in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sesame Street.

As part of Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary celebration, we have a campaign, “Respect Brings Us Together,” highlighting the importance of respecting one another, even in disagreement — and even in the case of sworn enemies.

Cookie Monster shows Bernard and Dolores from Westworld how to share a cookie.

Respect is important for everyone – people, monsters, even Westworld hosts.

And the great Common musically wraps (raps) it all up with “Give it, live it, RESPECT”

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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