Geometric Patterns on Ceramic Plates Turn Into Zoetropes When Placed Upon a Spinning Pottery Wheel

Spinning Cube

Artist Kenny Sing of Turn Studio in San Francisco, creates beautiful pieces of pottery with wonderful geometric patterns of his own design that he either embeds right into the piece or sticks on top of an original piece. These designs turn into animated zoetropes when place upon a spinning potters wheel.

As wheel moves, the patterns shuffle and dance, causing an optical illusion of further movement. Sing also shares the very technical designs for these kinetic illusions, which shows how well math can work with art.

Kenny Sing is a ceramic artist and graphic designer with over 13 years of experience, working with clay since he was 16 years old. The foundation of his work has always been about the marriage of clay and technology.

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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