Cats Categorized, An Art Print That Organizes Felines By Physical Traits and Geographic Origin


“Cats, Categorized” is an art print by Pop Chart that spotlights and organizes specific breeds of domestic house cats by such traits as hair-length, body size and where they were originally bred.

Meow hear this—we’ve scratched together a chart for pet lovers of a certain purr-suasion: those with a keenness for cats! Wondering what cat-egory your favorite fuzzy feline falls into? Re-fur to this expert examination, which maps out a multitude of hand-drawn mousers–by coat length, body size, and even geographic origin. Whether you yarn for Persians, Balinese, or Scottish Folds, this litany of litter-al kitties is veritable catnip for fans of furballs and infographics alike.