Cat Shelter Creates Viral Video of Technicians Matching Cat Traits Leading to Most of Them Being Adopted

The caring cat technicians of Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, Missouri, created a very clever video in which each member pulled out slips of paper from a bowl with unique traits and matched the traits with the cats waiting to be adopted at the no-kill shelter. The slips included such traits as “a cat who loves to cuddle”, “high catitude”, “a cat who’s good with people”, “a cat whose good with other cats”, and more.

Wayside Waifs’ Communications and Annual Giving Manager Casey Waugh explained how this video came about.

It was actually something that one of our feline care technicians thought of. What kind of animal likes people? What kind of animal would wanna snuggle with the other kittens?

Since the time that that video was posted, all but two of the cats have been adopted.

The shelter also did the same for their awaiting dogs.

via The Good News Network