A Beautiful Cat Whose Face Is Perfectly Divided by Black Fur on One Side and Gray Fur On the Other


A beautiful British shorthair male cat named Narnia, who lives in Paris with his loving human Stéphanie Jimenez of the Cattery of Grace, has a unique chimera face that is divided almost perfectly in half, with black fur on one side, gray fur on the other and a sweet little tuxedo pattern that reaches from his chin to his chest.

This striking combination combined with big blue eyes makes Narnia a very handsome boy. What makes Narnia different than the other chimera cats about whom we’ve written, other than gender and breed, is the fact that both his eyes are the same color. Jimenez talks about Narnia and how she got into breeding British shorthairs.

(translated) Here is my beautiful Narnia of Grace, he was born at home on March 28, 2017, a real little miracle, blue and black (with a white locket), and blue eyes. The project of having a small family breeding, stayed in my head for a while. When I went to my first cat show in 2010, as a simple visitor, the exchange with many breeders was very pleasant. So I went back a second time and then a third. At the end of the day my decision was made, I too would have my breeding! And it is quite natural that the British has imposed on me.

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