Cat and Rat Defy Their Adversarial Instincts to Become the Best of Friends

A gorgeous female orange tabby cat named Perseya and an adorable male rat named Filya have defied their instinctive adversarial natures and instead, became the best of friends. Their human Irina says they are completely inseparable from each other; in fact, she says that Filya is Perseya’s tail.

They love to play tag and can chase each other around the house for hours. …wherever she goes, he follows. I like to call him her ‘tail’ because he always needs to be close to her.

Filya also calms his feline sister down during times of stress.

Whenever he senses that she might be hurt or upset, he always comes to the rescue. … One time we were had to go on a quick trip. Perseya was feeling very nervous but Filya wouldn’t leave her side. He was giving her little kisses to calm her down. You could really see how thankful she was in the moment.