Rescued Cat Who Loves Plastic Containers Gets a Special Delivery From His Humans

An adorable rescued cat named Oliver, who loves all sorts of plastic containers, received a special delivery from his humans that contained twenty of his favorite items. At first, Oliver didn’t understand the gift, so he played inside the box instead. It’s only when his human Robin April opened the containers that he realized what treasure lay before him.

Cat who loves Tupperware more than anything gets a very special surprise in the mail

Robin explained that she found Oliver as a kitten under a tree. He was clearly ill and abandoned. She took him in and nursed him back to health so he could become the raucous kitten he was meant to be. Oliver easily became friends with Robin’s dogs but the resident cats didn’t much care for him.

The dogs were obsessed with him because he was so tiny and crazy then as he got older he started to realize “I’m also a cat”. My cats were just not having that they will hiss at him. Other animals don’t really like him either….Even though he gets along with the dogs he never quite found one buddy or best friend so when he found the Tupperware it was as if he finally found his companion.

Oliver also loves plastic milk jugs.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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