Cat Brings Flowers to Her Adopted Human Every Day

A really sweet cat named Fiddy brings her newly adopted human Aalish beautiful fresh flowers on a daily basis. These pink flowers are camellias, which are symbols of love and devotion. The flower is toxic to cats, but Fiddy is very careful.


As fiddy is a florist its only right she informs or reminds you of the dangers around lillies and other flowers. If you believe your cat has been in contact with something you believe to be harmful to them its best to call your local vet to be safe. #catsoftiktok #cat #flowercat #viral #fyp #cattok

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Flowers Left on Their Bed

Aalish and her partner noticed that flowers were being left on their bed. Each thought the other was doing it, however they saw a gray cat in their Aotearoa, New Zealand backyard with the flowers in her mouth.

I came home from work one day and there’s all these flowers on the bed and the floor and then when my partner got in from work I was like thanks for the flowers. He was like what do you mean? Where have these flower come from? At the same time there was stray cat around the neighborhood and she would come to my bedroom window out the back of the house.

One cold day, Aalish decided to take the cat in. It was a perfect fit between Fiddy and Aalish.

 I caved cause it was just really freezing and I was like this cat clearly wants to come inside and she’s there with the flower in her mouth….we let her in and she slept on our bed she didn’t really leave she sort of hung around the house and around like our garden area heaps after

It Turns Out the Cat was Pregnant

Aalish and her partner took care of Fiddy and when she gave birth in their presence, they made sure her kittens found good forever homes.

She was so calm and relaxed all through her pregnancy. Every night she would snuggle between me and my partner and it was just making sure that she felt really safe. So she birthed these kittens on our bed inside like this little cute box we made for her. For the fact that we got to be a part of it and the fact that she felt comfortable enough for us to sort of be around it was like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

After that, Fiddy was part of the family. And she still brings flowers to them every day.

The camellia flower symbolizes deep devotion, appreciation so it is really interesting that that’s the one she’s picked we just love each other so much and the flowers are the bonus she is my soulmate.


I would love to know why she brings some home and not others. Clever little fiddy ?? #cattok #flowercat #fyp #viral #catsoftiktok #nz #camellia

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