Casey Neistat Gives a Tour of His Incredibly Pricey $27,000 Etihad Airways Residence Suite

Vlogger Casey Neistat (previously) is often invited to partake in luxury experiences that many often dream about. Such is the case with his incredible three-room suite on Etihad Airways. This flying apartment, known as The Residence (previously), offers a private bedroom, bathroom with shower, and a comfy sitting room.

Etihad A380 The Residence Casey Neistat

While in the air, Neistat offered a rather comprehensive tour of the place, using a tape measure to calculate the legroom in the sitting room. He also talked about the privacy afforded to him in the bathroom, the turndown service, and the freedom to move about the suite freely.

Neistat was also very honest about the cost of this decadent plane service.

I didn’t pay for this flight, they gave it to me for free so I’d make a YouTube video about it but if you’re looking to spend about the price of a new Toyota on one flight experience, this one is wonderful.