Casey Neistat Runs Around New York City With an Apple Vision Pro Strapped to His Face

The ever-experimental vlogger Casey Neistat ran around the streets of New York City with an Apple Vision Pro strapped to his face, which he used to watch videos, answer texts, and explore an otherwise virtual world alongside the real world.

The concept for this video was to run around New York City wearing these cuz I thought that would be funny.

Casey Neistat NYC Apple Vision Pro
Casey Neistat Wearing Apple Vision Pro

Fellow vlogger Jordan Studdard followed Neistat with a camera as he boarded an uptown subway train and chatted with a friendly stranger until they resurfaced at Times Square, the perfect place for screens, both real and virtual.

I’m in the middle of Time Square. I’ve got my virtual keyboard here. I’ve got Apple TV there. I got YouTube safaris open in here. And it all kind of works. Like this what I’ve got going on right now. This is wild. It’s impossible for me to imagine that you can’t see what I can see. Everything seems so real.

Back in his office, Neistat explained his belief that this is the future of computing.

After a couple of hours of running around the streets of New York and not in a controlled environment my brain sort of clicked and it just forgot that I was looking through cameras and screens, and it just it it took what it saw as reality and that is where this this that’s where the that profound moment came from. …I was like holy shit, this is it this is the future of computing…This isn’t the like the future of AR or VR this is the I think this is the future interface for all computing.

Neistat also offered some sound financial advice.

But in summary by Apple stock cuz this is without a doubt a new product category that they will see through

Here is Marques Brownlee‘s review of the Apple Vision Pro that Neistat referred to at the beginning of his own video

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