Talented Carpenter Builds a Foldable Luban Stool From a Single Piece of Wood Without Using Nails or Glue

Granpa Amu, a talented carpenter who makes videos of his work with the help of his children, crafted a beautiful foldable Luban stool out of a single piece of wood. The design of this type of folding stool is the use of strategic cuts into the wood to create hinges without nails or glue.

A piece of wood is sawed, chiseled, and polished without nail glue to make a new generation of flat Luban stool.

Granpa Amu first sketched the design in pencil onto the untouched block of wood. He then very skillfully began cutting into the wood with a handsaw and chisel turning it over and again until the piece was finished. He then painted the stool a deep red.

There are many styles of Luban stools. Grandpa Amu has made a new style of Luban stools, which are beautiful in shape and sophisticated in craftsmanship. They are different from those made before. In the future, there will be more other styles of Luban stools for everyone to appreciate.

Luban Stool Sketch

Granpa Amu previously built a Luban table using the same design principles as the stool.

via The Awesomer