‘Carnivora Gardinum’, A Short Time-Lapse Film That Captures the Unexpected Elegance of Carnivorous Plants

Filmmaker Chris Field has created Carnivora Gardinum, a beautiful time-lapse film that captures the unexpected elegance and grace of carnivorous plants as they trap their prey. While the project started out as a labor of love, Chris was able to turn the technology he was building into a business.

The completed Biolapse film of carnivorous plants. Over a year of effort, with 107 days of straight shooting with 2 cameras. I started out building timelapse equipment so I could go do timelapse. Then people started giving me money to build them systems. Eventually it turned into a business, The Chronos Project LLC. Finally I have had time to start working on my own timelapse work. I have decided to pull myself out of the world and into the studio for some areas of timelapse photography that are greatly under explored.

Chris has also shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the film.

via Vimeo Staff Picks, The Atlantic