Young Woman Who Is a Quadruple Amputee Shows How Her New Car Was Specially Adapted For Her

Adapted Car for Quadruple Amputee

Isabelle Weall, a 17-year-old girl in Derby, England who became a quadruple amputee at the age of seven due to a life-threatening case of meningitis, cheerfully showed-off her new car.

The white Ford Focus Active X model that she now owns features a number of strategic adaptations that allow her to safely drive with confidence. The modifications include keyless entry, levers to adjust the seat, 3D printed cups for each arm – the one on the right controls acceleration and braking, while the one on the left controls the steering, a button by her leg to control the lights and a double brake for when she needs a bit of assistance while driving.

today I’m going to be showing you all of the adaptations I’ve had done on my car as well as just giving you a little tour. …Obviously this car has so many safety features on it and I’m not even aware about them. Obviously you have all of your cruise control and all that malarkey you can voice activate the system and everything, so I’m completely safe in this car.

In a separate video, Isabelle shared how she became a quadruple amputee and what happened the night she almost died from meningitis.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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