Canadian Contractor Uses the Tools of His Trade to Sculpt Beautiful Landscapes Out of Drywall Mud

Bernie Mitchell is a Canadian drywall contractor who uses the tools of his trade to sculpt beautiful landscapes onto walls, fireplaces and other prominent surfaces. The landscapes feature birds and animals and all made from intricately carved drywall mud, which is very pliable before it hardens, something Mitchell noticed early in his career.

Bernie started a simple form of relief in the early 1990s. In his profession as a drywall finisher, he was experimenting with raised panels on wall surfaces where natural light had a positive effect as a relief form. Then he began using items such as wheat and barley stalks to leave impressions in the wet joint compound, and his experience with large pictorial carvings in leather led him to applying the same ideas as wall relief. Today, Bernie is a drywall contractor and he puts his creativity to work designing, constructing, sculpting and finishing specialty features in shoreline homes and cottages. He prefers to use birds as his main subjects – blue heron, osprey and loons – but he also enjoys sculpting horses, wolves and dogs.

Bernie Mitchell is on fire right now!! Here's a few words from the man himself!

Posted by Drywall Nation on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bird in Water




images via Artistic Drywall by Bernie Mitchell

via My Modern Met