Cakey, An App That Helps Parents Find and Manage Age-Appropriate YouTube Videos for Their Children


Cakey is an app that helps parents find and manage age-appropriate YouTube videos for their children. The app works by allowing parents to create a custom list of approved videos, or to access community-created collections curated by other Cakey users. Cakey was created by Hot-or-Not co-founder James Hong, who wrote a Medium post about launching the app. Although parents control what content the app can access, Cakey is designed with a simple interface for children to use independently, rather than having to ask for help after each video.

The app does not show ads, and there are no in-app purchases children can accidentally make. Future updates will allow parents to assign specific trusted users that Cakey will automatically pull content from when those users create a collection of videos.

Cakey is available now for iTunes, and interested parties can sign up to be notified when the Android version is ready.

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images via Cakey, iTunes

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