Gorgeous Timelapses of Short-Live Echinopsis Cactus Flowers Blooming

Cinematographer Greg Krehel, the self-described EchinopsisFreak, captures gorgeous timelapse footage of the short-lived blooms of Echinopsis cactus flowers from his bathroom studio in his Florida home. This is the third of his incredible compilations.

These timelapses were shot with a Canon 6D. Most were shot with Canon’s excellent 100mm Macro Lens. Some with a Canon 35mm lens (also super). I shoot in a light tent in my “studio” (a small bathroom that doesn’t get to serve its traditional purposes during blooming season). I use LED panel lights primarily. As you would expect, I shoot RAW and then edit in Lightroom and compose the video in Photoshop and/or Final Cut Pro.

Wonder World Redux colorfully revisited Kehen’s work with eight hours of blooms taking place in six seconds.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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