Tech Vlogger Shares His Experience Trying to Buy One Bitcoin on Craigslist Using Cash

Tech Vlogger Keaton Keller of TechSmartt went on a bit of a wild chase when he decided he wanted to buy one full Bitcoin for cash. After finding a few ads on Craigslist, he began calling. Several were duds, but one guy was willing to do the transaction but wanted a 10% fee. Keller countered at 5% and left the option open while he checked out the local Bitcoin ATMs around town. Ultimately, the ATMs were too expensive, so Keller made a call to a different seller who was willing to take 5% and a successful exchange was made.

We’re gonna do now is call some people on Craigslist that are selling some Bitcoins. Hopefully this isn’t as sketchy as it sounds because it really sounds bad. There used to be a site called Local Bitcoins, where you could meet up with people and kind of facilitate transactions that way. Since then …it just doesn’t seem to be a thing in California, so we are using Craigslist.