Photos: Burning Man Headquarters

Burning Man Headquarters

Yesterday I stopped by the Burning Man headquarters in San Francisco to drop off a CD of my Flock photos for the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF is on the 1st floor and the main Burning Man offices are on the 2nd floor). While I was there I thought a would shoot a few photos so people could get an idea of where much of the work takes place throughout the year to make Black Rock City a reality each August/September. Later on in the evening they had their annual holiday party, so I came back and shot some more photos of the office in “play” mode. It was great to see many of my friends from the “good old days”, as well as meeting a bunch of the new staff and volunteers. I was the webmaster from around 1997 through 1999 (I wonder if any of my code survived) and it was right around the end of that time period that Burning Man first setup an office. Prior to that, we met at various locations and people’s houses, and in the early days we would sometimes even met at Burning Man founder Larry Harvey’s place (one of these days I’ll have to dig up some video I have of that). Burning Man recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary and it’s amazing to see how well it has evolved from a few friends gathering for a summer solstice beach burn at Baker Beach into an ephemeral city of art in the Black Rock Desert built by people from all over the world.

photos of the Burning Man Headquarters (work)

photos of the Burning Man Headquarters (play)

photo by Scott Beale (Burning Man Headquarters lobby featuring “Hippocampus” by Mardi Storm)