Friendly Bull Shark Loves Nose Rubs by Humans

Divers Janelle Van Ruiten and Captain John Moore captured wonderfully heartwarming footage of a friendly bull shark named Spreckles who travels with her pups and loves to have her nose rubbed by accommodating humans. Both Van Ruiten and Moore stated that, while divers should be trained to work with undersea creatures, these sharks are very friendly and vastly misunderstood.

This is speckles. She is a tank of a Bull shark and she loves her nose rubbed more than any Bull I’ve ever encountered. She deserves to be respected and protected. …My heart melts with this big girl. It’s not every day that you have a 500 pound Bull shark that thinks she’s a puppy. She’s so gentle and desperate for nose rubs. …Don’t get it wrong though, even though she clearly looks like a little cuddly puppy, you still need to be highly experienced to be able to safely interact with sharks like this.