BulkPods, A Large Charging Case Filled With Extra AirPods to Easily Replace Those Previously Lost

Matt Benedetto of the hilarious self-explanatory parody products site Unnecessary Inventions, came up with the truly inspired BulkPods, a large charging case filled with extra AirPods that quickly replace the ones lost previously. The charger is portable and can be attached using the included carrying lanyard.

BulkPods™? Where the hell did my left AirPod go?! It’s time to buy your AirPods en masse so your ears are never without their precious sound sticks. Our extraordinary charging case comes equipped with enough AirPods for when we inevitably lose them each week. The included carrying lanyard will be the ultimate flex when this on your side.

Bulk Pod Waistband Holder

via Mike Shouts

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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