Ragged, Fractured Travelers Make Their Way Across Venice in Powerful Sculpture Series by Bruno Catalano

In a truly powerful and rather timely sculpture series by Bruno Catalano (Previously) entitled “Les Voyageurs” (“Travelers”), ragged, fractured travelers make their way across different parts of Venice to present themselves at the pleasure of others. They appear alive, but broken in so many places that the human eye can only imagine what they were their most vital stage of life.

His men in tatters, marching against adversity, carrying suitcases that seem to contain the world, his moving characters, holes, affect the novices as the most initiated. It tries by this concept to address the men of today whatever their age, pushed by this need of escape, persuaded to find elsewhere the happiness that they did not manage to reach.

Catalano likened his sculptures to the plight of immigrants around the world who have a story just like his.

‘In my work, I’m always looking for the movement and the expression of feelings, I get out of form and wax inertia to give them life. Coming from Morocco myself, I carried these suitcases full of memories that I represent so often. They do not only contain images but also experiences, desires: my roots in motion.’

This series was created in partnership with the Ravagnan Gallery for the 2019 Venice Art Biennale.


via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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