A Brooklyn Drive-In Movie Theater That Shows Classic Films Against a Stunning View of the Manhattan Skyline

The Skyline Drive-In is an outdoor movie theater that recently opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn featuring a spectacular location on the East River that provides an absolutely stunning view of the iconic Manhattan skyline. The drive-in theater is screening a wide variety of classic movies of different genres this summer and tickets can be purchased through their website.

Skyline Drive-In NYC is a unique drive-in cinema experience, at 1 Oak Street.

This particular Greenpoint location is famous for its amazing views and has been featured in a number of television shows, movies, and advertisements.

Our location, situated on the East River with killer views of the Manhattan Skyline, may seem familiar to you. Perhaps you’ve seen it on SNL? Or in a Fendi or Converse ad? That’s because Skyline Drive-In is not just for showing movies—it’s for making them too, as a photo and filming location.

While the Skyline Drive-In is currently only for those in cars, they are looking to expand the service to bicyclists and pedestrians.

NYC is a walking city and that’s why we have walk-in seating coming soon! Have a bicycle? That works too! In the upcoming weeks, expect to see outdoor seating as an option, so you can sit back and enjoy a movie even if you don’t own a car.

via Secret NYC