A Rather Odd Broccoli Skull Decorative Statue

Broccoli Skull

Online retailer Ebros Gift Company is selling a rather odd decorative statue that combines a broccoli floret with a faux human skull. While the pairing is unusual, the end result seems almost natural. The top of the floret gives the skull an illusion of very curly hair, while the stem of the vegetable makes for a most appropriate jawline.

Painted in hues of green, this skull is sculpted and painted in the likeness of a luscious broccoli floret! An unassuming decor to set on your kitchen countertop, dining table, or what have you, this broccoli skull will be the talking point or ice breaker in any gathering!

For those outside of the United States, this statue can be purchased directly through Ebros.

Broccoli Skull Statue Front

via Boing Boing