Bring Back the Arcade, A Custom Pinball Arcade Art Show Featuring Designs by Underground Artists

Bring Back the Arcade” is a project headed up by Tilt Warning Customs to build a classic and custom pinball arcade art installation. The hand-built vintage machines will feature hand-painted artwork by a team of influential underground artists (Alex Pardee, Coop, Jeremy Fish, Frank Kozik and Sam Flores). Tilt Warning Customs is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with materials and supplies. You may remember when we posted about Dave Baach of Tilt Warning Customs and his Evil Mansion LSD-themed pinball machine.

We aim to recreate the aura of those public game rooms that ruled the underground of yesteryear, the analog era, retrofit with modern styles relevant to the minds of a new generation. We’re here to bring back the arcade.

We’ll first open to the public at the FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco, CA, USA in late Summer/early Fall of 2014, and from there we’ll either travel the exhibit to other associated galleries around the world, or choose to scale up to a larger venue in SF with more artists, building upon our success there.


Freak Out by Mike Budai


Luther’s Vendetta by Brian Holderman

photos by Joey Kennedy

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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