Breaking Madden Super Bowl Finale Pits Ridiculously Overpowered Seattle Seahawks Against Denver Broncos

In Breaking Madden, a multimedia series that includes editorials, videos, and GIFs by Jon Bois at SBNation, Bois — as the name suggests — breaks the Madden NFL 25 video game in ridiculous, and often humorous, ways.

Breaking Madden Drop

In the Breaking Madden season finale, Bois has the Seattle Seahawks face the Denver Broncos in a simulated version of Super Bowl XLVIII.

Breaking Madden Drag

Madden NFL 25 allows players to edit stats for customer characters, so Bois released as many characters from both the Seahawks and Broncos as he could, and then brought in 82 characters of his own design. He made the entire Seahawks crew he added 7′ 400 lb. monstrosities that had exceptional stats, and then made the added Broncos 5′ 160 lb. weaklings with terrible stats. The resulting game is horrifyingly brutal.

images via SBNation

video via Jon Bois

via Breaking Madden

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop