Baker Creates Beautiful Edible Bouquets Using Homemade Bread Adorned With Fresh Vegetables

Baker Hannah P of Blondie + Rye creates wonderfully colorful floral landscapes and bouquets using her signature homemade sourdough bread adorned with various cornucopias of fresh vegetables.

According to Hannah, much of this is experimental on her part.

Slinging sourdough on the side, with baker’s percentage as my guide. Improvisation over discipline, for better or for worse.

Hannah also tried her hand at making homemade sourdough matzoh. The result was incredibly successful and featured an elaborate basket design.

For the first time in three years: Sourdough Matzah. I delved into this when I first baked them, but to return to the thought process: The consensus among food historians is that ancient Egyptians and Israelites used sourdough baking processes. I justified the sourdough interpretation by assuming that the Israelites mixed their bread normally, then didn’t have time to let it rise. The key is to use your starter, but to allow no time for fermentation of the dough. In fact, the true goal is to take no more than 18 minutes on the whole process. Now that’s a tall order.