A Cleverly Designed Brass ‘Hygiene Hand’ Tool That Acts as Substitute for Human Hands on Public Surfaces

Concerned about the germs and viruses that can be spread through everyday life activities, emergency prep company StatGear Tools has created the “Hygiene Hand”. This EDC (everyday carry) tool is made of a naturally non-bacterial brass tool that’s small enough to fit on a keychain and strong enough to open doors. The tool is also cleverly designed to act as a substitute for those daily actions which would otherwise be performed by human hands.

StagGear is raising funds through Kickstarter to create this helpful tool.

Meet the Hygiene Hand, an EDC tool which fits on your keychain and is used to help decrease the spreading of germs while performing some of your everyday tasks. When thinking about the everyday tasks we encounter, we wanted to help “flatten the curve” by making a tool which allowed you to touch buttons, sign digital screens, and even open doors WITHOUT the use of your finger/hand touching the same surfaces as 100’s of other people! The Hygiene Hand is made from solid brass which is inherently anti-microbial, meaning viruses are unable to naturally thrive.

Hygiene Hand Elevator

Hygiene Hand

Hygiene Hand Door Handle

Hygiene Hand Door Open

Hygiene Hand Door

Hygiene Hand Keys

Hygiene Hand ATM Keyboard

Hygiene Hand ATM Screen

Hygiene Hand Gas

Hygiene Hand Glass Door

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Lori Dorn
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