Adorable Animals Made Out of Braided Challah Bread

Joy Huang, a talented flour artist who, among other things, creates adorable animals out of braided challah (egg) bread. In addition to their shape, Huang also gives these doughy creatures adorable names. For example, the squid loaf is called “Challahmari” (or “Tchallah”), the spider is called “Aracknead”, and the turtle goes by the name “Michallangelo”.

This challamari was the first of my challah creatures and still my favorite. I think it resembles a Kraken enough…I can’t help thinking that she looks more like a tick than a spider now, but that doesn’t means I can’t still call her Aracknead …I asked for help naming this little guy, and I’ve settled on Michallangelo.

Huang also made a turkey shaped challah bread in honor of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

via Neatorama