Young Boy Helps Brave Knight Slay the COVID-Dragon

In the short animation “How The COVID-dragon Disappears”, a young boy living in a world of fear, realizes that he can play an important part in helping to slay the scary COVID-dragon and draws a story to go with it. The story, which is told as a lilting poem, imagines a brave knight in shining armor riding off into the forest to make the world safe again as everyone in the community does their part at home.

How the Covid-dragon Disappears is an animated short produced to honor the brave essential workers during the 2020 pandemic. A knight battles the Covid-dragon, aided by a young boy who realizes no one is alone in this fight.

How the Coviddragon Disappears Knight

How the Coviddragon Disappears Knight on Horse

How the Coviddragon Disappears Mom

Director Joey Jones and the team at Ayzenberg Studios were inspired by the tireless work performed by essential workers around the world. With this in mind, they decided to honor these workers by using this film to raise money for Direct Relief (previously), a non-profit that helps provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to healthcare workers on the front lines.

Wanting to contribute in some way to the fight against COVID-19, Joey and the Ayzenberg creators did what they do best – they channeled their creativity to produce “How the COVID-dragon Disappears” to honor the frontline workers battling the pandemic. Inspired by their efforts, the team has offered the piece to Direct Relief to help raise awareness and lend support to their work.

How the Coviddragon Disappears Heroes

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