Bottle Boys Perform ‘Stole the Show’ by Kygo on a Variety of Bottles With a Blade of Grass Instrumental

Bottle Boys surprise people in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen with a wonderful cover of “Stole the Show” by Kygo using a variety of bottles, featuring an instrumental by Erki-Andres Nuut playing a blade of grass.

Prepare for glass meets grass! Since for this month’s video we have collaborated with Erki-Andres Nuut from Estonia, who is a true grass blade virtuoso! :) For the collaboration we met in Copenhagen at a nice spot at the waterfront called Islands Brygge. There were lots of people sunbathing, taking a dip in the harbour or just hanging out with friends, so we took them by surprise with our version of “Stole the Show” by Kygo featuring Parson James played on glass featuring grass. :D

We chose this song because we like it AND because it features a cool instrumental melody line in the drop! We were wondering how it would sound on a blade of grass. And here is the result! :)
We filmed this video with a GoPro held by one of our friends walking backwards in front of us. Thanks, Erwin! ;)

Here’s the original music video:

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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