Boston Dynamics Introduces a New Arm For Their Spot Robot That Can Help With Household Chores

Spot, the incredibly nimble four-legged robot by Boston Dynamics (previously) that can accomplish an amazing variety of functional tasks, has a new appendage. This handy Spot Arm can easily manipulate doors, gather laundry and trash, can turn switches and levers on and off, along with other household chores.

Grasp, lift, carry, place, and drag a variety of items with the arm’s 6-degrees of freedom and gripper. Semi-autonomously turn valves, flip levers, open doors, and manipulate other objects with constrained movement.

Spot's Got an Arm

A couple of Spots with arms can even play a respectable game of jump rope whenever there’s free time.

Spot Robot Jumps Rope

The Spot Arm is also very good at moving things from one place to another and inspecting problems that need attention.