An Amazing Boosted Backyard Hot Wheels Aqua Park Track That Features Waterfalls and Water Slides

Backyard Racing, who previously built an amazing boosted Mega Track and an intricate treetop track with an elevator and a floating gondola, truly outdid themselves with a boosted Hot Wheels Aqua Park track that features waterfalls, water slides, zip lines, a hidden I Spy game, and much more.

Grab your swimsuit and buckle up as we ride the world’s FIRST Hot Wheels backyard aquapark track! You’ll zoom down waterslides, waterfalls, gutters, popsicle-stick zip lines, a block city, and even get lifted up 12ft in a water bucket!

The crew used a lot of materials and some extra personnel to make this track happen.

We built this track using a variety of materials including 12 sump-pumps, hundreds of gallons of water, wood, ladders, clear tubes, popsicle sticks, gutters, string, magnets, Jenga blocks, plastic container tubs, zip-ties, our dog Kodi the Australian Shepherd, and countless Hot Wheels products.