An Incredible Continuous Stop Motion Animation Featuring 12,000 Pressed Leaves

Brett Foxwell of bfophoto collected over 12,000 leaves, each in various stages of their life cycles, pressed them, and put them into an incredible continual stop motion. Foxwell stated that he tried to include as many representative leaves as possible.

While collecting leaves, I conceived that the leaf shape every single plant type I could find would fit somewhere into a continuous animated sequence of leaves if that sequence were expansive enough. …I gathered, pressed and photographed over 12,000 leaves. They are such wondrous creatures. The universes contained within their shapes and the diversity of their forms have boggled my mind.

Foxwell also said that he got the idea for this animation while walking around outside.

It began innocently enough. There was a colorful maple leaf on the ground. I picked it up and thought ‘maybe I’ll press it and take a photo of it’.

via The Kid Should See This

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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