Bone and Sickle Podcast Presents Trick-or-Treat by Mail

Bone and Sickle Announcement

Al Ridenour, the creative mind behind Bone and Sickle, a haunting podcast centered around horror stories that originate from historic folklore, announced a special Trick-or-Treat by Mail option for listeners who join their Patreon. The option includes a custom bag of candy as well as a spooky item associated with Halloween urban legends.

Find out how you can  receive a hand-packed candy bag from the home of Bone and Sickle Podcast. Each goody bag is guaranteed to include sinister extra as described in Halloween urban legends…complete with a *safety-packed* razor blade …we are a FOLKLORE show, after all.

Bone and Sickle Halloween By Mail
Bone and Sickle Trick or Treat