Bondic, A Liquid Plastic Welding System That Cures With Ultraviolet LED Light in Just Four Seconds

Bondic Kit

Bondic is a liquid plastic welding system that cures with ultraviolet LED light in just four seconds. The Bondic can easily repair damaged electronic cables, broken ceramics, torn fabrics, and more. The liquid plastic material can also be layered, molded, milled, and painted for more elaborate repairs.

Sometimes glue—even of the super variety—just doesn’t hold up. Use the world’s first liquid plaster welder instead. The Bondic Pro Kit will make cracked coffee mugs, ripped seats in your car, and broken USBs whole again. Each layer cures in just four seconds so your repairs and crafts will happen super fast.

Bondic Examples

Bondic and Pipes

Bondic and Soldered Wires

Bondic and Lightning Cable