A Funky Frankfurt Subway Station That Looks Like a Tram Car Submerged Into/Bursting From the Sidewalk

Bockenheimer Warte

Along the Frankfurt, Germany U-Bahn subway line sits the Bockenheimert Warte, a tramway car that either looks like it’s submerged into the sidewalk or bursting from it, depending on the view. This lopsided car is connected to an underground subway station and was built in 1986. Its folly was intentionally designed to humor local citizens who might have been concerned about the railway expansions taking place around that time.

FRANKFURT/Main  - Bockenheimer Warte

Bockenheimer Warte

U-Bahn-Station "Bockenheimer Warte", Frankfurt am Main

Bockenheimer Warte Station

Bockenheimer Warte Metro Station, Frankfurt


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